Friday, December 12, 2014

Greenpeace and the Nazca Lines

Greenpeace protestors have gone onto the ground of the Nazca lines to set down their publicity banners. My brain cannot compute the level of unconsciousness at work here. 

Almost as mind-boggling is their bizarre 'we are sorry if we caused offence' apology. How can environmental protestors not realise that they have caused environmental damage to a protected site? This is aside from the fact someone thought it was a good idea to grafitti something so sacred?

Terrible things are done every day to our planet, but to be done by a group that say they are serving the planet it is clear that this organisation need to sit down and re-define why they are doing what they are doing. 

When the need to get ones message across overrides ones actual intention, and in fact directly contradicts it, it is time for a big re-think about what exactly you are doing and why.

 #Greenpeace #NazcaLines

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Life is a spiral, not a straight line

Once upon a time we could be out of alignment with ourselves, out of alignment with our heart/truth/higher guidance/Source, and somehow get by. Not necessarily smoothly or healthily or comfortably all the time, but if we wanted to ignore or avoid something we somehow found a way to distract ourselves from our inner truth and highest knowing.

Now however we are dealing with a whole different ballgame. There is a distinct feeling of 'you're either in your flow/aligned, or you're not' with not much grey in between. The 'in your flow' moments feel fab....synchronicities happen, unexpected miracles and abundance manifest, you feel happier and lighter, there is a sense of openness and expansion.

The 'not in your flow' moments feel terrible, and I'm being polite with the wording there. Tightness, tension, chaos, drama, mental anguish, emotional anxiety, physical health issues, it is not a happy place to be. On many levels it is painful, and in most cases it is unnecessary pain.

I've had my share of both moments, and I have learned this: our experience of the moments of our life have nothing to do with what is going on outside us. I have to paraphrase Eckhart Tolle here and say that 'the exception is for maybe 5% of the time when there truly is a devastating occurrence in our lives'. The other 95% of the time our mind is running the show with its script, totally influencing how we feel, and thus completely driving our vibration, determining what we attract, and affecting the way in which we perceive and respond to our days and lives.

I've been thinking about this a lot over the last week or two because I had a series of massive lightbulb moment wake up calls one after the other, all alerting me to the fact that on some level part of me has been focusing on the 'what hasn't been done yet' lists, or on some issue of a situation that isn't really an issue, only my mind is used to focusing on issues and so an issue it will find!

I have been alerted to how much this has physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted me, and how much that state in many ways became my 'normal'.

So I sat with this thinking how can this be? How can a person who has done so much inner work, and had moments, years even, of relative inner calm, come up against what feels like was the Universe's loudspeaker shouting: "Iceberg ahead, you have 5 seconds to turn your ship around!"

And the answer I kept receiving was: our growth and evolutionary journey is a spiral, not a straight line. We deal with things on a conscious level, as I have, and as most of you have. We move forward. Then we reach deeper and higher levels of ourselves, and we recognise and transform the subconscious stuff. We move forward. Then we reach deeper and higher levels of ourselves and we start uncovering ancestral patterns, (as is being proven by epigenetics, a scientific field of study). We release those. We move forward. Higher, deeper, forward. Higher, deeper, forward.

Over the recent years and months, high frequency energy has flooded this planet in a way it never has before in our lifetime, and it hasn't done this here for many lifetimes before that. October and November were mammoth, and I'm sure it won't be the last of months like that. This month it feels like we are dealing with the aftermath of a major influx of light, as we attempt to process, integrate and embody the incredible upgrades we have all received.

If you, like myself, have found yourself up to your ears in stuff you thought you had long dealt with, I hope it offers you some reprieve to remember that you are on a spiral journey, not a straight line.

In my experience, appreciation and gratitude for what is, for all you are, all you have, all you have done so far, all the love that is around you, and all you have to offer just as you are right now, has been the most effective, most rapid 'flick switch' tool, to get me in my zone and in my flow when I realise my mind/emotions have taken me elsewhere. The difference between being clicked on, switched on, connected, centred, whatever words you want to use - or not - is peace vs noise, clarity vs static jumble, abundant flow vs worry and 'not enough' type thinking.

This isn't about getting to a point where your life is perfect, you have millions in the bank and no worries. There will always be something going on: something that needs doing or buying, a system that needs re-structuring, that's life, that's growth and that's exciting! I feel that we have such high expectations for our lives and our world, especially this lifetime. And that is a really really good thing. Yet, if we set the bar for our happiness at 'when that happens I'll be happy' we're never going to be happy because there will always be new goals and new dreams to attain.

So, what is the point of this message today? I guess it is a reminder to all to take a moment (most moments if possible), to congratulate yourself on who you are today, on how far you have come, on all you have in your life right now. This doesn't mean you just sit back where you are right now forever: rather, appreciation for what is sets up the best possible energy from which to move forward in an easeful way.

It is a reminder to not beat yourself up for not doing enough, or being enough, whether it's regarding the small day to day domestic chores, or the big global 'we've got to shift this world' level. Say to yourself each day: I have enough time. I have enough money. I have enough space. I am enough. My wife/husband/family/friends are enough.

Finally, it is a reminder that life is a spiral not a straight line. We are going higher, deeper, forward. Higher, deeper, forward.

Lots of love, Dana x

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving, gratitude and appreciation

Happy Thanksgiving to our US friends. Gratitude and appreciation are everything. Without it you can miss out on seeing what is right in front of you.

We can be such a goal/future focused society, and while it's great to have dreams, if we measure our contentment by what we are yet to achieve/have/do, we tend not to really see or feel the wonderful things around us right now.

As Eckhart Tolle said the other night, we will always have some problem, some issue, some bill, some unattained goal to deal with...that's life. If we wait for the day when we are 100% problem free we will spend our whole life frustrated.

I've had some huge wake up calls around this in the past week and am grateful. For the wake up, and for all I am and all I have especially Christian, Jaxon, my sisters, their partners, our family and friends, our health, the collective awakening we are all part of, and all here who share that journey with us.

Lots of love,


(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Feeling sleepy?

You might have noticed sometimes if you've ever had a really powerful healing session you can get quite sleepy during it or just after. Sometimes too when strong solar flares happen people get waves of drowsiness (either that or we feel hyper-adrenalised!).

Someone recently asked why this happens: Our energy can shift more powerfully when we're asleep and our ego/busy mind is out of the way. So it's like some part of us beyond our conscious self takes the reins by putting us into sleepy time zone during times when we are shifting something, or many things, deeply and rapidly. Energy never fails to amaze me in its innate, automated wisdom.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Some integration time...finally

Aside from a reasonably sized Solar Flare yesterday morning Australia time, former Sunspot AR 2192, now known as Sunspot 2209, has been relatively quiet.

While part of me misses major Solar activity because I can literally feel the energy coarsing through me when the Sun is super active, the other part really welcomes the integration time that quieter times bring.

Several weeks ago we thought we were in for a two week break while 2192 slid round the far side of the Sun, but then another strong sunspot appeared with yet more strong flares. So we ended up experiencing almost a month of intense emotions being triggered, old wounds and patterns coming up, unexpected events and situations forcing us to feel or do things we hadn't planned on and more people we know leaving the planet than I can ever remember in such a short period of time.

I always liken these intense shift months to being like a car wash/rinse/spin cycle. It's hectic while you're in there, but out the other side you feel a sense of being more clear and renewed in some way, with a fresh sense of motivation, passion or perspective, especially where any of those things have been lacking. You may find yourself with a completely different set of priorities than you've ever had before, with old ones drifting off, feeling irrelevant to who you feel yourself to be now.

Your energy is more connected to your true self and your true needs now more than ever. What this will mean is, when you go with the flow of this connection and allow yourself to acknowledge what you really need/feel/want, you will feel rejuvenated and energised. When you don't, you will more than likely feel drained and even resentful or frustrated.

Our heart and soul is taking over the reins. It is becoming more painful and uncomfortable every day to repress our true feelings and needs by brushing them aside with 'I don't have time to do that' or 'I can't just sit and relax, I need to get things done.' While certain things in life of course have to be done, if you keep getting messages to slow down, then it would be wise to listen to those messages in any small or large ways you can. Likewise, if you are getting messages to take some leap of faith around some new action or goal, then go for it in any small or large ways you can: let go of your doubts, and take some steps toward the direction you are feeling called to go in.

I hope that if you found yourself in the latest heavy-duty wash/rinse/spin, that you are feeling some of the "dry, buff and polish" benefits that integration time can bring.

How are you all feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Friday, November 14, 2014

Sunspot AR 2192 Update

Reports of former huge Sunspot AR 2192 seem to be conflicting between 'it's still large' to 'it's bigger' to 'it's in a state of decay' depending on which space weather site you read. Which is kind of odd because it's either larger or it's not! 

There are no reports of major flares, but the energy would indicate otherwise as this has been a rather intense week. Astrologically this can be explained by the Pluto/Uranus square which has added oomph thanks to Mars going right over Pluto. 

Essentially this means Transformation was the theme of the week, likely in an unexpected, out of left field way, and quite possibly associated with some fire-like emotions or compulsion to take action. 

Astrology aside, my computer and electrics have definitely been acting like something flarey is going on!?! 

How are you all feeling? How are your electrics/computers etc?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014