Wednesday, May 06, 2015

The wisdom of our kids

Jax decided he needed to smudge me tonight. He was deliberately spilling water over the floor so I let out an exasperated "Jaxon!" He responded: "Mama, I smudged the angry away when Peita was here (he'd smudged himself after a pre-full moon emotional release), why is it back? I need to smudge you now."

So he smudged me, and smudged the angry out the door "so it doesn't come back". Then at bedtime he says very matter of factly: "Being angry can make you sick, very very sick".

Hearing that from him felt more powerful and humbling than all the knowledge gained, books read and healings had. Being a mum has been filled with daily reminders to 'be' what I 'know'. Children are pure teachers, no ego, just natural wisdom and light, playful, joyful spirits and hearts. 

What pieces of wisdom have your children, grandkids, nephews, nieces and loved little ones said to you?

(C) Dana Mrkich 2015 

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Help legalise medicinal cannabis in Australia

This brave woman is making a documentary to help increase awareness around the effectiveness of medicinal cannabis to help legalise its use in Australia.

Most people think this is about giving patients a joint to relieve pain, but it is also about the cannabis oil which for some families have treated or reduced symptoms of cancer and epilepsy where conventional medicine has failed.

Check out the link for more info. 

Monday, May 04, 2015

The Business of Healing

What a wonderful speech by Carrie Bickmore last night. I'll never forget the moment back in 2002 when we were told by the oncologist that our mum, who just days before had seemed healthy and well, had 6 brain tumours 'oh, and stage 4 breast cancer'. He told us there was nothing they could do, to take her home and enjoy the next 6 weeks, because after that her body would start shutting down. That's exactly what happened. She passed 3 months after diagnosis.

During that time, next to the shock of this news, was one devastating discovery after another finding out that so many potentially life-saving treatment options were illegal or weren't easily available either because they were natural and thus not able to be patented and thus not profitable in their natural state, or the funding for the required studies and research just wasn't there for some strange reason hmmmm. We tried everything we could, as anyone would given those same circumstances, yet still there was more that I didn't know about that I know about now like Cannabis Oil. Who knows if it would have made a difference, but the people using that now to help themselves, their loved ones and their children should be supported instead of being treated like criminals. 

I pray for a day when ALL potential cures are given funding, adequate research and wider societal awareness, not just those that don't upset the current financial and medical paradigm. I don't want to upset those reading this in the medical system who are working with all your hearts and souls to help people, I know you are, and thank you. The problems go way higher. When you hear doctors say "This might help, but you didn't hear it from me" you know that something is very broken in the healing business.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015

May Day/Scorpio Full Moon: Feminine Healing for All

Video Version is here

Every influence these days feels super-charged, as our increasing sensitivity is responding to all things in an amplified way.

The Beltane/May Day* energies of last Thursday/ Friday, along with today's Full Moon in Scorpio, feel to have created a portal of deep and ancient healing around our inner Feminine. This is simultaneously helping to balance our inner Masculine, and ultimately helps to balance the greater collective Feminine/Masculine we see played out in our world.

It has triggered sadness, grief, anger and clarity connected to:

- Times when you may have been a Priestess serving the Goddess, or been a Nun or Monk serving God and Humanity, taking vows of service that had you sacrifice worldly things like having children, being in a love relationship, having material belongings, success and financial support. These vows are honourable when made willingly in a conscious way, however they are sabotaging if they belong to a life and self long past. These vows and committments are holding us back if they are lingering around in our cells and ancestral energy, stopping us from having what we consciously want in our lives today. Enough. If this resonates with you say something like:

"I now release myself from any old vows and committments that associate what I truly want (be it love, children, success, abundance) with no longer being able to be of service, and thus failing the Goddess/God/Humanity/my self. I now see that I can do both, and in fact by embodying my soul and spirit in a life that is authentically aligned with my Heart, by living true to my Self, I can be of greater Service than I ever could be denying myself those aspects of myself that are now calling for embodiment and expression."

This works best when you put pen to paper and write your own words in your own way, from your heart.

It has triggered fear, sadness and passion connected to:

- Times when you may have been persecuted for following your heart, for practicing your innate abilities, for sharing your knowledge. Times when you may have persecuted or repressed others. If your cells associate living and expressing your truth with betrayal, loss, punishment or death, then they will stop you at every turn from living and expressing your truth. Enough. It is time to forgive those who ever stopped you, blocked you or repressed you. It is time to forgive any part of the past, this life or other, that betrayed you. It is time to forgive yourself for doing that to anyone, and forgive yourself for doing it to yourself where you have blamed yourself.  Let it go.

- Times where you have been hurt, harmed and abused as a result of being female, this life or other. Scorpio brings up sexual energy, so old sexual wounds particularly may be coming up now. It is time to love yourself, wounds and all. Scorpio is about Death and Rebirth, so wounds about literal Birth may be coming up: fear of childbirth, disrespect around childbirth, powerlessness around childbirth. Enough. It is time to respect and honour Feminine Knowledge, Nature and abilities.

- Times where those females you love; mothers, partners, sisters, daughters, nieces, have been treated without respect, this life or past generations. Times where you have not valued women, or yourself as a woman. It is time to forgive others and yourself. It is time to let it go. 

Imagine yourself picking up a large rock (yours may be boulder size, go with it) - you may even like to do this literally with an actual large rock. Imagine that this rock represents all that heaviness, all that repression, all that terror and fear, all that has stopped you from freely and fully expressing all of who you really are. Imagine yourself standing at the top of a cliff. Now let that rock go. Watch it drop down into the waters below. Feel the weight of it fall away from your body, heart and soul. Let it go on all levels. You do not have to carry this anymore. It is time to be light and free. It is time to express who you really are. You are needed here now.


*Even though it was technically Beltane/May Day in the Northern Hemisphere only due to the seasonal differences, we all felt the energetic influence on a cellular level. We all have that blood in our cells whether from our ancestors or past lives. We are all connected today energetically. Whatever is felt by the some, is felt by the many.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

5 Tips to Increase your Intuition

No matter how large or small, every decision plays a part in creating your life. 

My article is up on Lifestyle You now, talking about 5 simple ways to tune into your 'true self' channel and get in touch with your inner GPS.


Also check out the Alphabet Intuition Exercise.

Alphabet Intuition Exercise

I always like to investigate new ways of accessing my subconscious and intuition. Our beliefs, feelings, fears and desires can override our own natural knowing, creating foggy filters over our otherwise clear lens - especially when we have an emotional attachment to the answer or guidance.

My question of the day was about balancing my hormones which are doing much better since I changed a whole bunch of stuff in my diet recently. I asked if there was anything more I needed to be totally balanced, and asked for the answer to come via the numbers of the alphabet so that I knew I wasn't consciously influencing the answer. I think I expected the name of a vitamin or certain food to come through, but instead I got this:

10: J
15: O
25: Y

Okay then!

Anyone else want to try this? Find a quiet space, get clear with your intention, ask a simple question and ask to receive the answer via the numbers of the alphabet. One by one, trust each number as it comes into clear focus and write it down. Share here!

P.S I tried this again with a query I feel more emotionally attached to and it didn't work so letting go of the emotional attachment to a desired answer is key. For that reason you may want to start with a question that doesn't generate a huge emotional trigger.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015